About Us

Goatylicious is the combination of our life-long love of goats & our generations of farming. Our 50 acres farm near the historic Talley Abbey is home to the 60-strong milking herd – descended from our original herd of British Alpine, Toggenburg, and British Saanen – from which comes Goatylicious’ milk.


Carmarthenshire farmer, Laura Seddon started Goatylicious from her farm in Talley, near Llandeilo.

“As a family, we’ve always had goats, my mum had her first goat when she was 17. I’ve grown up with goats – in fact, you could say I’ve been around them since I was a little kid!

“Our Raw milk is milk that has not been pasturised, and its production is monitored by the Food Standards Agency

“There are regulations governing raw milk, but unlike cow’s milk, we can sell raw goat’s milk to shops and they can then sell it to their customers.

“We test our milk weekly, and the regulations about raw milk are labelled on our bottles.”

“I’ve always been the one to look after the goats, Ben’s good with the goats, but he’s interested in anything with a petrol engine!”

“With their own personalities and Welsh names, the goats are all milked on farm and are grazed outside when says Laura “it’s not raining and when they feel like it.”

“My goats don’t like puddles very much. When we moved here from Kent in 2003 we brought 500 goats and the amount of rain was rather a shock to the system for them – but they will stay out in drizzle now!”

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